Horses are like men…only better!

I got kicked in the leg today. I also had a chunk bitten out of my shoulder. I came home bone-tired and reeking. It was a good day. No, actually, it was a great day!

The relationship of women (especially little girls and ponies) with horses is a much talked-about topic. Why do women have such an affinity for these creatures of the equine nature? I don’t think we will ever fully understand it and I don’t think we should try too hard.

As I recently wrote, I have a rather complicated situation on my hands. Horses don’t usually get a say in where they live or who gets to ride them, who owns them. What if she doesn’t like me? But then yesterday, for the first time after months of working with her when she saw me approaching her paddock, she nickered and met me at the gate – she was really happy to see me!

Of course today she decided she wasn’t happy when I did her girth up and sank her teeth into my shoulder. I shouted at her. She looked a little bewildered. But then, she let it go. I got on and we went on to have a wonderful ride.

That is why horses are better then men. You never have to wonder how they feel, because they will show you. When they are happy, you know it. When they are angry or hurting, they show you. And they don’t stay angry. They don’t hold grudges. They live in the moment. They get pissed off and then they let it go. They don’t get to choose their circumstances but they always make the best of it. I spend a lot of time looking at horses wondering why on earth they do the things we ask of them – for no reason other than the fact that we asked!

Our relationship with our horses are only as complicated as we allow them to be. They don’t ask for much and they give everything they have. Perhaps this is why horsey women are so hard to get along with. Perhaps we expect people to be too much like horses? I mean, if a man had kicked or bitten me, I would have been a whole hell of a lot more angry and would never just have laughed it off!

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