I am a quitter…

As we all skip and prance into 2017, hoping and praying it will be bigger and better than last year, I decided to start my year by quitting. Not the New Year’s resolution-type of quitting such as quitting smoking, or quitting sugar…I decided to take it up a notch and went ahead and quit my job. A brave thing by some opinions and considering I have no other source of income lined up, a particularly stupid one if you ask my husband. (And possibly my financial adviser!)

The opinions of others don’t matter though. I was unhappy and had been for a long while, so instead of carrying on whining about it, I chose to instead do something to change it. The changes I had first tried to implement to improve matters did not pan out, so I chose to walk away. Or leap…if you could see the mental image I have in head of myself free-falling down a cliff as I take my leap of faith!

So far, I have to immediate plans for the future. Half-day jobs are scarce and my son starts school this year, so it would be nice if I could pick him up from school in the afternoons instead of sending him to aftercare. It would also be a nice change to not have to leave my kids in the care of other people for up to eleven hours a day. It is hard to be a working mom – you drop the kids off before work, only to pick them up at the end of the day just as the evening routine starts; making supper, getting everyone to take their baths and then trying to persuade them to go to sleep, only to start the next morning fighting all over again to get them to wake up to leave in time.15799994_1577870905570384_6423302594904325018_o

So, for now, I am calmly waiting for the universe or God to show me where to head next. My CV is varied and interesting, but I have never done the same thing for awfully long. The only things I really want to do are reading about working with horses, working with horses and writing about working with horses! But I am open to suggestions. It will be an adventure!

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4 Responses to I am a quitter…

  1. Lisa Ridout says:

    Darling 3am and I can’t sleep – turning 50 seems to do that apparently – and I get to read the adventures of Marike – lotsa ❤️ I think you should become a writer x

  2. mommybeing says:

    I am working on a book! Surely you know a publisher you could put in a good word for me with?

  3. Jacques says:

    Follow your passion….. if you can afford to take a breather ….. do it….. but you are very gifted and you must use your talent.

    Have you ever thought of writing short stories? A compilation perhaps? You are a gifted writer…….

  4. mommybeing says:

    Thank you! I had not thought of short stories before – that may just be an avenue to pursue!

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