Rose-tinted glasses


I hate “think-positive-and-positive-things-will-happen” preachy-type people. Or those who insist that if you focus on the good things, all things good will keep coming your way. I don’t think that those types have any idea of what it feels like to be depressed. Life must be so easy for them, just skipping through flower-strewn fields all the time?

I have a friend. Her motto in life is: “Well, make a plan!” and she does exactly that. She was most amused one time I expressed the need to lie down when arrangements (she was busy “making-a-plan” on my behalf) were being made at a speed quicker than my level of anxiety could handle! Her life is a series of adventures and nothing ever keeps her down for long. Of course she has all the regular human troubles and emotions – but all that stuff is transient for her. There is none of this long-lasting gloom that sometimes catches up with me and overwhelms me.  It must be nice. I envy that. I would like to be like that…

Having said that though, it would seem as if things in life do seem to happen in batches. When things are bad, they are really bad, and everything is awful, but when they pick up again, everything builds on something else and the good times just sky-rocket! It makes it hard to tell what the exact causes of good and bad times are though. It’s a lot like scientific research: it’s easy to tell when things are associated with one another, but a lot harder to determine what was the cause and what was the effect, or  maybe just a happy side-effect even.

But the intricacies and difficulties surrounding sound Science aside. Back to those damned happy people who just seem to skip their way through life. How do they do it? Is it really as easy as donning a pair of rose-tinted glasses and everyttell-me-are-those-prescription-rose-tinted-glasses-youre-wearing-or-are-they-available-over-the-counter-df02fhing is magic?

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