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On the fence about zoos

I am rather opinionated (those that know me can attest to that fact) but there are some things that are just not black-and-white. There are blurry lines and various shades of grey everywhere when it comes to our interaction with animals. … Continue reading

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Rose-tinted glasses

I hate “think-positive-and-positive-things-will-happen” preachy-type people. Or those who insist that if you focus on the good things, all things good will keep coming your way. I don’t think that those types have any idea of what it feels like to … Continue reading

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Horseless with headaches

I haven’t written in a while. I haven’t had much to say. Since mid-March I have been hit with a number of bad migraines that have kept me bedridden for days at a time and in a vile mood for the remainder. … Continue reading

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