Married to an Engineer…

Those who regularly read this blog will notice that I do not talk about the ” Dear Husband” an awful lot. It’s not because he isn’t big part in my life – he is. He just doesn’t like being in the spotlight and abhors being talked about. I respect that for the most part. But somethings need to be said. Out loud.

Being married to an engineer can range from mildly annoying to absolutely excruciating!

There is a lot of joking on social media about how hard it is to be married (or involved with) a horsey woman. It’s mostly pretty spot-on… We are all slightly mad, we don’t really do housework or much cooking. The children learn to be independent from an early age…Ok, ok fine, it’s all true! I remember being at a stable yard gathering a few years ago and the face of one of the boyfriends was priceless when I said it was nice to be among “like-minded” people…I don’t think anyone there had anything in common besides being horsey. He clearly didn’t understand and I sincerely doubt that relationship lasted beyond varsity! But I digress.

So a little while ago, Bally and I had a little incident with some cavaletti. We hadn’t even reached them when he tripped over his own feet, and landed on his knees, busting up the entire line of cavaletti I had put out. I managed to stay on board and he just picked himself up and carried on as if nothing had happened. But the cavaletti were a little pile of firewood and splinters. The whole scene would have been pretty amusing if there had been anyone to witness it. Now, if it were up to me, I would have salvaged what poles and bits of wood I could find, got a big hammer and banged it all together again. Granted it may only have lasted a week, but hey, that’s horses – they break stuff right?

Instead, I came home and asked DH – who has been busy in the garage at night and over weekends, building a wooden model boat “for the wee boy”. Whatever dude, admit it, you will be playing much harder than him! Anyways, so I thought while he was busy, he might just nail the little crosses that make up the ends of the cavaletti to some new poles. Easy right. Not so much for an engineer…

While shopping for new poles. I am told that if he had more time, he would have taken everything home to measure and make a proper plan. I am mildly relieved that there is not “enough” time. Instead of taking the expected two hours, it takes a whole day. The crosses are sanded down (to look neat), then broken bits are glued back together where the bolts had been…at one point I am forced to remind him that should the horse and the cavaletti ever connect, it really would be preferable for the poles to rather break again – as opposed to the horse, who besides the emotional damage would cost a lot more to replace. “I am only using one bolt and the specs require two” I am told. You what now? You downloaded specs from the internet on how to build cavaletti?? Of course you did…

I am quite surprised that I am surprised by all this. After all, my father is an engineer. My brother is an engineer. I am married to one, who is the son of one! When I was little, my father used to fix things. He was my superhero. There was nothing he couldn’t fix, and once he had fixed it, it was fixed forever.  But it did take him rather long to get things done. I got my first horse when I was 10. The stable was only finished once I left home – and it still doesn’t have a door! He used to fix things round the farm for my grandparents (I used to think they asked him, but I have come to realise that it is just one of those quirky engineer-things. They fix stuff wherever they go. They just can’t keep their hands to themselves!)and I recall my grandfather once saying that he wished my dad would just botch up a few things if it meant getting them done faster. So, really it’s not like I was unaware of what I was getting myself into!

After everything is done, I get told: “I am never attem20150912_170033 (1)pting a job like this again without the correct tools!”

Please look at the picture. There is a level…He used it. For real. I rest my case…

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One Response to Married to an Engineer…

  1. Annari says:

    Lekker giggel ek nou 🙂 priceless!! X

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