The lies we live by

While mixing up some fake milk, my son asks me: “What is that?””It’s milk that doesn’t taste very nice” says me. Pouring this “milk” over chocolate flavoured cardboard, he asks again: “What is that?”I respond: “It’s special cereal for mommy’s diet, would you like to taste?” He wrinkles his nose up and asks: “Why do you eat it if it tastes bad?”

Good question. To which I do not have an adequate answer. I have been on this diet for nearly 6 weeks now. These low-carb replacements taste alternately like cardboard, or has the consistency of snot (no, really!). When I tried some low-carb “snack” the other day, it tasted like cardboard, soaked in the ocean and then dried on the beach. Truly unpleasant. It’s not even as if I am grossly overweight, but I really would like to get back to the weight I was before I had kids. I don’t normally even do “diets” – I have never had a problem keeping weight off before. I’m just having a really hard time convincing my body that we will not be growing anymore babies together!

Which brings me to the next question: Is it not just the natural thing for our bodies to do as we age? It is a well-known fact that as you age, you tend to gain weight much easier than you can get rid of it. Is that not how it’s meant to be? It’s not even really the weight that matters. There are so many anti-wrinkle, anti-aging products on the market, it seems to be keeping the world economy afloat! Why are human beings such unnatural creatures? We try to fight natural progression within ourselves all the time, while having the audacity to believe that we are the most progressive species on the planet…

Why do we put ourselves through all this? Who decided that even after pregnancy and moving steadfastly into middle-age we have to go back to being trim and toned like in our twenties? Who decided that houses are meant to be spotless and painstakingly tidy. Look at that word again – painstakingly – it really does take a lot of effort to keep a house looking like nobody lives and plays there, and for what? People do live there; children do play there! Why not spend the energy on something useful?

Someone said my posts are becoming very angry. I apologise if that seems to be the case. At the moment, everything feels like dishes, laundry and cleaning…it just never ends! I am not angry. I am tired. I’m tired of trampling the flowers at my feet while reaching for the stars. Will I really forget the stars when I stop to appreciate the flowers? Does it matter if I do? Is it not enough just to have flowers?

More and more spiritual gurus are toting: “who you are is enough” . I wonder when in the collective psychology of human kind did we make the decision that we weren’t? That we always had to strive for something more, something better, something else.

Jeremy Bentham

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