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Take responsibility

It is gut-wrenching how much abuse the human race continues to subject its fellow animals to. But it is not a problem “out there” that you can do nothing about. Every single person can make a difference, because whether we … Continue reading

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Staying grounded

Horses have a knack for keeping you on your toes – at all times. A horse is a big animal. A big animal that lives as prey and whose first instinct it is to run as fast and as far … Continue reading

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All it takes is Intention

For horses, communication through body language is very important.  Although they have their own set of verbal cues such as neighing, nickering and the likes, the herd uses mostly non-verbal communication to get their message across. They read and respond … Continue reading

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The lies we live by

While mixing up some fake milk, my son asks me: “What is that?””It’s milk that doesn’t taste very nice” says me. Pouring this “milk” over chocolate flavoured cardboard, he asks again: “What is that?”I respond: “It’s special cereal for mommy’s … Continue reading

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