A cat?

In the few seconds between being unconscious and fully awake, in that blurry moment where you are not entirely sure whether you’re dreaming or thinking, this is where this thought popped up. This really bizarre thought: “Maybe we should get a cat?.

It’s not that I hate cats, I mean, I am an animal lover in general, but I am very much a dog person. Moreover, at least one of my dogs is a confirmed cat killer. Also, I love the geckos that live in and around my house, and I’ve always thought that a cat would eradicate them. I’ve never even vaguely considered getting a cat.

The fact that this weird thought entered my mind just as I am starting my day is just strange. Very strange. My daughter seems to really love cats and even the wee boy seems particularly fond of felines. Perhaps because this is the one pet we don’t have in our home? I don’t know. But it has made enough of an impression on me to make me think about it for the rest of the day…

Does the universe really think I should get a cat?

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