The ones we once loved out loud…

Life is interesting. Mostly, what makes it interesting are the folks you meet along the way. Some are one fascinating conversation at a party, some are the persons you share years of your life with. Friends or romantic partners, they touch your life in some way or another. They influence future decisions you may make.

Some of those folk depart with a bang and leave you broken, and others just fade silently into the background and one day you suddenly find yourself wondering: “Whatever happened to so and so….?”

It never stops surprising me how much emotion can accompany such a memory or reflection. A song on the radio reminds you of how you felt at a certain time, and the memories take you right back to the persons you shared that particular time with. These days, with so much social networking and technology, it is usually very easy to go and look someone up and reconnect. There are different ways such a reconnection may play out.

Perhaps things can be resolved and you can both go your separate ways in peace. Or perhaps reconnecting with an old friend can once again enrich your life and the years in between seem to be non-existent. Or perhaps you will be left wondering what your connection to that person was in the first place. And sometimes you find you had much more in common with people you hardly knew than you could imagine!

My self-esteem was so low in high school that to this day I still find myself surprised when people from high school actually remember who I was…It is not that I was picked on or bullied. I was tolerated; mostly unnoticed. I’m not sure how many people were even aware of my existence. My social skills were also rather limited and I felt desperately disconnected from my peers. I probably know more about them now from Facebook than I did in school!

High school is also the time of first love, first kisses and first heartbreaks. I think back on all these quite fondly as they have molded me into who I am today. But some connections are stronger than time, stronger than mere memories, perhaps stronger than life and definitely stronger than oneself.

These are the persons that have played out their role in your life, left you devastated and left you different from how they found you. These persons have left a deep, lasting impact in your life. These are the persons you long to talk to in times of existential crisis. They are not, as many are lead to believe by movies and books, always romantic relationships. And you are not always limited to one per lifetime. These are your soul mates.

They are the souls that you wake up crying over in the middle of the night, be they equine, canine or sometimes even human…

“We never stop loving silently those we once loved out loud.” – Oriah  Mountain Dreamer

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