A not so happy “new year”

The first of January is for most people the symbolical beginning of a new year. I have never been big on new year’s resolutions, because they never really go beyond the 14th of January.

2013 did not end on a high note for me an my family when our beloved dog started to have one of his epileptic seizures on the eve of 30 December. It did not get much better over the next few days and he ended up in hospital, for the umpteenth time. On 31 December I took the other dog for a long walk on the beach to get a breather from the madhouse that is living with two small children. She was a little too quick on the getaway and I got my toe bashed against a rock when my fingers were too slow to match her enthusiasm, and the leash was still attached as she dashed into the sea.

20140102_130655[1]So, hobbling into 2014, feeling desperately sorry for myself, I did make one new resolution this year. And that is to be grateful. Every. Single. Day. Because even after everything that had gone wrong, everything that could have gone wrong, had not. In fact, there was no point in asking: “Could things get any worse?” Because the answer was: “hell, yes! So much worse!” I have so much to be grateful for that the list of things that did go awry was much shorter than the things that didn’t!


The epileptic and the toe basher…


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