Some days are just worse than others

Dear Tuesday,

Why do you hate me? Wasn’t it enough that in my working days you would pounce on me before I had had a chance to properly process Monday? And then, you felt you had to linger, not unlike bubblegum stuck to the bottom of my shoe, lasting even longer than Friday!

Granted, I wasn’t really thinking when I made an appointment at 8:30 in the morning, but I was managing to be nearly on time just before you interfered. Was it really necessary that my dear epileptic dog who has been free of any seizures for months, would have a terrible seizure today, making a great big mess of the newly-washed dog beds? And then, the toddler who had really been doing so well with his potty-training had to go and miss the potty completely. Not in the same room, of course; the other side of the house makes it much more fun.

So, while I’m trying my best to clean up the dog poo everywhere I am being trailed by a boy with his bottoms around his ankles, spreading pee all over the house and howling because he keeps slipping on the wet tiles. He does bring to my attention that he has managed to avoid stepping in any poo. Thanks, my boy!

We get everything semi-clean and I can’t wait any longer to leave the house- now I’m really running late. I manage to drop off both kids at their respective carers, and even remember the recycling, thanks to the wee boy who notices that I’m about to forget it.

Normally I am better prepared for meetings, especially when I don’t know exactly where I’m going, but last night I just didn’t have the energy to check the map. It is naturally very confusing and even the GPS doesn’t know how to get me where I want to be. I arrive when there is 20 minutes left before the meeting is due to end, but I do manage to get a few words in edgeways.

Now, instead of going home to catch up on all the admin I’ve been putting off, I can look forward to entering a house that smells like a pit latrine. Your wry attempt at comic relief did not go by unnoticed: thanks for snapping the mop in half! Bending double, mopping the floor with half a mop is much more fun than doing it the regular way. The backache will probably not outlast my bad mood.

Roll on Wednesday, I’m ready for you!

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