A quick question on intelligence

I read once that if you go and look at a litter of puppies, you should pick not one of the ones that come rushing to greet you, but rather one that hangs back. Reason being; the ones that hang back are smart enough to know that the “front runners” are expending all the energy to get attention, but they, the hangers-back, will also receive their share of the attention without having to spend  any energy asking for it.

So, between my two dogs, we continually wonder which one is the smartest…

Having given them each a treat-dispensing toy, I watch what happens: Lilly the lab tosses and turns her toy and soon figures out how to roll it to dispense the treats. Kirby, (named aptly after the vacuum cleaner) tries for a few minutes to get his treats out by chewing his way in. But quickly, he abandons his toy and instead starts following Lilly around…as she paws and nudges her toy, Kirby simply walks behind her and eats the treats she misses.

So which one is actually more intelligentP1000215? The one who can figure out how to get the treats out, or the one who figures out how to get the treats anyway?

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