The point of life…

Life is good right now. It wasn’t always, and it is guaranteed to go awry again at some point in the future. But despite the fact that I am not-so-recently retrenched, the money is disappearing rather rapidly and I have yet to find a way to create an income, I am content. Surprisingly, I am not worried. I have faith that life, destiny, fate, God and good old Murphy will all find a way to take me where I need to go.

The resounding rhetoric of many spiritual gurus, life coaches, motivational speakers is this one thing: live in the moment. It is a simple concept, and once achieved, rather worthwhile, but it is actually a lot harder than one might imagine. It is an entire adaptation of one’s mind-set and outlook. And sometimes you lose your balance and tumble off the tightrope.

I am content most of the time. Every once in a while I do have a day where things threaten to fall apart at the seams. But every time I prepare to give up – every single time – I get a little nudge of serendipitous synchronicity; I take heart and soldier on.

The best part is that while my stars are moving into place, I am busy enjoying the journey! I am not aimlessly bobbing towards an uncertain future over which I have no control. I have goals and I am prepared to grab every opportunity that comes my way, but I am not so focused on achieving that the everyday moments pass me by.

I can stop to enjoy the smell of the flowers, listen to my baby babble, have some intellectual debates with my almost- three-year-old. Life is just good right now!

And the whole point, after all, is to live it, isn’t it?

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