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It can never be just one thing at a time…

When my son was just under two years old, I realised that the poor boy had no idea how to socialise with other children. Whenever there were more than three children¬† together, I would watch him hang about at the … Continue reading

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Those who can do. Those who can’t, have no business teaching…

…when it comes to horse riding, at least! If you want to make a horse rider angry,¬†ask them why they are still needing lessons after having ridden for five or ten (input any number of years you like here). The … Continue reading

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Equine therapists

Whenever I get tetchy, my husband will not-so-subtly say: “Don’t you think you should go see your horse?” For even he, the analytical left-brain introvert understands that when I come back, my mood will have lifted, my mind will have … Continue reading

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Communicating is not talking

Talking is easy, but true communication is a skill which very few of us manage to perfect. Communication is so much more than giving information; it’s about receiving it, and then being able to interpret the received information. Then, still, … Continue reading

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