Random rant on fog lights

Cape Town was foggy yesterday morning. Imagine my surprise then, when I spot (only just!) a car speeding down the fast lane with no lights. And not a yellow car, or an orange car, or any other brightly-coloured car, which would be easy to spot in the fog, no, it is a teeny tiny silver-grey car dashing in between lanes. No lights at all. Practically invisible.

I start counting the cars that have actually managed to turn on their fog lights. This is not a major feat – in most cars, you just flip a switch. In a twenty kilometer drive down the highway, five cars have bothered to flip the switch. Five.

Then, with my propensity to navigate toward the negative, I have to wonder: Did these five drivers actually flip the switch, or are they perhaps five of the idiots on the road who drive with their fog lights on. All. The. Time.

I don’t understand this. I just don’t. Switching on the headlights to be more visible is one thing. But why would you switch on your fog lights when there is no fog? Now you are a danger on the road because you are blinding every other driver!

True as Bob, this morning was sunny and hot. The same amount of cars were driving around with their fog lights on.

This is not rocket science. See fog, flip switch, fog lights on. See other cars, flip switch, fog lights off.

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