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Random rant on fog lights

Cape Town was foggy yesterday morning. Imagine my surprise then, when I spot (only just!) a car speeding down the fast lane with no lights. And not a yellow car, or an orange car, or any other brightly-coloured car, which … Continue reading

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How quickly we forget

Very often, you will hear people tell you that childbirth is painful, but the minute that baby is put into your arms, you forget all about the pain. Although this is not entirely true, it is amazing how quickly we … Continue reading

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A word on breastfeeding

“Breast is best”. From the minute you realise you are pregnant, these words are programmed into your brain and after people ask whether you are giving vaginal birth, or having a c-section, they ask if you plan to breastfeed. After … Continue reading

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Balancing dreams and duty

Becoming a mother doesn’t change who you are as much as it (re)prioritises your life.  Suddenly, what you want is not as important as securing a future for your children. Your dreams for yourself may be on hold for a … Continue reading

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Love is stronger than fear

I don’t know why we always let ourselves be caught with the emotional blackmail – “If you can’t take this horse/dog/cat then it will have to be put down”. But this is exactly how I was caught… I received a … Continue reading

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